Send Money - Before Logging in

On the Logging page, you may see the following box title "Send Money":


1. Select the country you are sending from - e.g United Kingdom

2. Select the county you wish to send to - e.g Bangladesh

3. Select the Transfer Type - e.g Cash Collection

4. Select the Amount Type: There are 2 options you can use here:

  Option A: Remitter To Send - This is how much you wish to send before any commission, tax and any other costs are added - e.g 300 GBP

  Option B: Beneficiary To Receive - This is the exact amount you want the beneficiary to receive - e.g 31,000.00 BDT

5. Click on "Send Now"

You will see the following results page:

Once you log in, it will take you directly to the Select or Create Beneficiary tab of the Send Money page and pre-fill the form with the values and options you have entered already.