Send Money To Wallet

The Send to Wallet functionality allows you send money to another person registered on the same system as you. If this has been enabled on your system, you will see additional buttons for Send to Wallet appear on the side menu, under the Beneficiary Avatar (if they are allowed to receive funds into the wallet in that country) and under the Send Money section on the Home/Dashboard screen.

Click on Send to Wallet button to continue

You will be taken to the Send Money to Wallet screen (as shown below). Select a beneficiary or you can search for one via Search Beneficiary using their email address

Once you have selected the beneficiary, you will see the Payment Method screen. You can choose to pay for it with any method available to you. Of course, you can use your wallet to transfer to another wallet as well. Click Next, once you have selected your Payment Method.

You will be taken to the Amounts screen. If you have selected By My Wallet as your payment method, then select the Sending Wallet you wish to send from, enter the amount and when ready, click on Submit.

You will be taken to the Send Money - Confirm screen. If you need to, you can Amend Details or Cancel, otherwise click on Confirm Transfer button to continue